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Our Certificates, Licenses, Accreditation Certificate


α-CENTER LLP Laboratory renders services in radiation safety studies and monitoring since 2007 based on the national certificate of authorization.

Консультирование для получения лицензия в области использования атомной энергии
Приложение к лицензии на предоставление услуг в области использования атомной энергии
License and Attachment thereto for providing services in the sphere of nuclear energy usage

Starting from a scratch when the scope of services included radiation control for scrap iron, goods and material supplies the company kept gradually developing and expanding the range of activities and by 2008 α-CENTER LLP already enlarged the list of authorized services as follows herein below: radiation safety control for open areas, premises, work sites, scrap iron, materials, vehicles; gamma- survey and other sorts of studies for various production facilities; tests to identify the contents of radionuclide in food, materials, environmental objects, measurement for radon concentration as well as other gases.

α-CENTER LLP Testing Laboratory has been accredited for compliance with requirements of ST RK ISO\IEC 17025 – 2007

In 2012, the purpose being to gain confidence

to the results of our measurements, α-CENTER LLP successfully passed accreditation procedure

in the Republic of Kazakhstan for compliance

with ST RK ISO\IEC 17025-2007 requirements,

namely, "General Requirements to Competence of

Testing and Calibration Laboratories". 

In order to improve our laboratory performance

and insure the services are provided with due  high quality we have implemented QMS in the Laboratory of α-CENTER based on ST RK ISO 9001-2009.

консалтинг в области менеджмент качества СТ РК ИСО 9001-2009
Certificate of Conformity for Quality Management System

Quality Management System in respect of radiological

and chemical studies of products under conditions of

Testing Laboratory of α-CENTER LLP is in

correspondence with ST RK ISO\IEC 9001-2009


Environmental Management System with regards to radiological and chemical studies of goods and

products done in Testing Laboratory of A-ENTER LLP is in

correspondence with ST RK ISO 14001-2006

Testing Laboratory of α-CENTER LPP has implemented its own EMS developed from ST RK ISO 14001-2006 to improve    

the environmental performance, enhance the efficiency

of resources usage, minimize the expenses and losses

within the frame of the applicable laws and acts.

Certificate of Conformity for Environmental Management System
Консалтинг в области экологического менеджмента

α-CENTER LLP highly treasures the confidence of all its customers