Alpha- Center LLP - Accredited testing laboratory in Aktau

alfa-Center  a-Center                  Validity of measurements - we mean it 

Independent testing laboratory duly accredited for ST RK ISO\IEC 17025-2007 located in Mangistau Region can offer the following services to its existing and would-be customers:

  • Radiation survey and monitoring for various facilities, radiologic tests & studies;

  • Soil, water sampling and chemical analyses in laboratory; oil and oil products sampling, oil wastes sampling and tests;

  • кConsulting services.

технический эксперт

технический эксперт

Radiation survey

Chemical analyses

Consulting and special instruction sessions

Since 2007 the testing laboratory of

"α - CENTER” LLP offers to its customer services of radiation survey and monitoring in facilities of clients since authorized for that by the national license.

Starting from the most simple and conventional sorts of survey, like testing of scrap iron, goods and (construction) materials our partnership never stopped progressing and already by 2008 “α - CENTER” LLP expanded the range of the licensed services and activities up to the following:  

- radiation survey of the facilities (workshop) areas, premises, particular work sites, goods, materials, scrap iron, vehicle and various rigs;

- gamma-ray surveying and other radiometric sorts of tests in the operations areas;

- tests for content of radionuclide in food products, materials, environmental objects, measurements to assess the concentration of radon and other radioactive gases;

- sampling and laboratory tests with solid and liquid radioactive wastes;

- swab sampling to identify the removable contamination extent;

- dose equivalent index: for alpha, beta and gamma radiation.

The store of  knowledge and profound experience gained within these years, good available facilities and resources, licenses granted by government for tests and surveys allowed us establishing and maintaining a quite modern testing laboratory for Mangistau Region 

 To insure trust relations and attitude towards the results of our work in 2012 the testing laboratory of “α - CENTER” LLP was enrolled to accreditation system of the Republic of Kazakhstan on conformity with requirements of  ST RK ISO/IEC 17025 - «General Requirements to the competence of testing and calibration laboratories».

In 2012 we further extended the number of activities we are authorized for and can perform nowadays the sampling and laboratory tests for:

- drinking water,

Sea water, surface water, ground water, formation water, drain water, technical water, underground water;


PH; Total Dry Solids; Total Suspended Solid; 

COD; BOD5; Nitrogen of Ammonia(NH4); 

Nitrogen of Nitrites (NO2); Nitrogen of Nitrates (NO3); Phosphate; TPH (Hydrocarbons);

Phenols; Sulphates; Chlorides; 

- drilling mud types;

- soils, bottom precipitations, ground;

- construction materials and products;

- food products;

- oil and oil products;

- fertilizers;

- drilling cuttings, oil sludge, bitumen, deep ground samples;

- environmental objects.

A well as conducting tests and other jobs \ surveys in accordance with rules and procedures as set by National System for Technical Regulation and Accreditation System in the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Consulting services:

- for getting licenses in the sphere of using the atomic energy;

 - special instruction sessions for persons that are in charge of radiation safety and monitoring, as well as for dosimetricians.

- consulting services in compiling documents to obtain accreditation in ST RK ISO \ IEC 17025-2007;

- preparation to get a laboratory accredited for  ST RK ISO/IEC 17025-2007;

- consulting on quality management issues ST RK ISO 9001;

- consulting on environmental management issues.


As of now the laboratory of "α – CENTER" LLP is an independent testing facility located in Mangistau Region of Kazakhstan accredited for ST RK ISO\IEC 17025 that renders  its  services in various parts and sites of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Radiation safety.

Services from our prtner:

 - designing, checking the document package of customer’s company with regards to justifications of radiation safety for facilities and buildings, technologies for organizations that operate within the sphere of atomic energy;

- develop technical solutions for justifying the radiation safety in facilities where atomic energy is used (for stationary and temporary storages to keep the ionized radiation sources, radioisotope devices \ gauges,  radiation wastes pits, other objects and locations) in accordance with laws of the Republic of Kazakhstan;

- work our reports on potential hazard category assessment in atomic energy usage facilities (for  stationary and temporary storages where ionized radiation sources, radioisotope devices, radioactive wastes storages, others) in accordance with applicable norms of the Republic of Kazakhstan;

- develop of radiation safety instructions for  operating procedures in industrial enterprises , emergency response actions plans for companies that operate in the sphere of atomic energy, in accordance with domestic standards of customers and applicable laws of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

- inspect documentation for conformity and assistance in preparing  design & engineering documentation package for license obtaining procedure (for cases when customer’s organization holds a business requiring an atomic energy usage license).

- prepare radiation safety and hygienic passports for companies as well as passports for radioactive wastes.

- Training sessions for customer’s personnel, if applicable, on "Radiation safety and security" subject.


«Pozitron- Service» LLP

 - Legal regulation of relations in the field of maritime law in Kazakhstan sector of Caspian sea.